B2B marketing is undergoing rapid changes as the new generation of tech-savvy stakeholders takes on key decision-making roles. These digital natives are used to interacting with consumer brands through various online channels and expect the same level of speed and convenience when they communicate with vendors at work.

One major…

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) targets your most profitable customers to get more sales quickly. It’s the most reasonable methodology to engage with those companies where potential sales are the highest. Sounds a little boring like that, doesn’t it? When actually ABM is 1-to-1 marketing on steroids.

The Role of Data in Account-Based Marketing

It goes something like this…

How Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, AI, Big Data, Automation Are Changing the Way B2B Sellers Are Closing Deals

It wasn’t that long ago that sending brochures through the mail, knocking on doors, attending trade shows, and cold calling was the stock and trade for B2B sellers. While these things may…

Roger Wilks

An experienced mix of marketing commando and freedom fighter, with missions spanning 30 years across both B2B and B2C.

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