Boosting Your Channel Partner Sales With Marketing Enablement

It’s a no-brainer that a good partner strategy is going to drive up your numbers. Equally, every marketer knows that the better the tools and content provided to partners the better the results. But sweeping generalisations aside, when it comes to running successful partner programs, there’s one word that trumps all others: enablement.

Why is this so? Well to answer that we should first take a look at the types of partner organisation in question. A recent analysis of the US market from CompTIA suggests that of 137,421 IT channel-oriented partners in that region, 88% were rated as ‘micro-channel firms’ — with nine employees or fewer.

What this tells us (or at least reaffirms) is that the vast majority of channel partners ‘out there’ are going to be severely restricted when it comes to resource. At best they’re going to have one or two over-stretched marketers available for bringing any new activity to life (alongside limited budgets).

Not that it’s all negatives, for these same partners also bring with them bags of desire, and a laser focus on creating credible sales opportunities. Building on this energy brings us back to enablement, which comes in a number of different flavours:

Enabling channel partners to be better educators

Enabling channel partners to be better marketers

There is of course the fear that you’ll be teaching them to ‘suck eggs’, but in our experience most partners remain hungry for this type of guidance — and appreciative of any company prepared to invest in providing it.

Enabling the delivery of great marketing content

Enabling the right options

Enabling frictionless access to resources

Enabling the personal touch

The bottom line

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